Aug 13 2014

Vertical Podcast: Episode 8 – Meredith Andrews

Hey Everyone! The Vertical Podcast is back from Summer break with our eighth installment! We have a great interview with our friend and fellow worship leader, Meredith Andrews (@meremusic) and a whole lotta Nicolas Cage…Check it out!

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Jun 18 2014

Vertical Podcast: Episode 7 – Brad Cooper

Seventh Podcast. Brad Cooper. Books about hairballs. Check it out!

Jun 11 2014

Vertical Podcast: Episode 6 – Jon Guerra

This is our sixth podcast with our good friend and talented guy, Jon Guerra!

May 29 2014

Vertical Podcast: Episode 5 – Mark Ostreicher

Check out this week’s podcast containing a great interview with our friend and  ”Youth Group Guru,” Mark Ostreicher.

May 20 2014

Vertical Podcast: Episode 4 – Ben Arment

Here is our podcast for the week of May 20th, 2014! Give it a listen for some helpful tips on which Oreos you should be eating, what music you want to check out, and an interview with creative Ben Arment, the founder of the Story Conference Chicago.

May 13 2014

Vertical Podcast: Episode 3 – Jefferson Bethke

Here’s our 3rd Vertical Podcast complete with fancy socks, a good book, and a song from the Royal Royal. Jefferson Bethke interview included for good measure.


Apr 28 2014

Vertical Podcast: Episode 2 – Royal Royal

Hello again!

We are excited to post the second installment of the Vertical Podcast. This week’s episode features “Three Things You Need to Know About”, as well as an interview with the brothers of the Royal Royal. Check it out!

Apr 27 2014

Vertical Podcast: Episode 1 – Paul Baloche

Hey everyone! The first of many Vertical Podcasts was released last week with a great interview with our friend, Paul Baloche. Enjoy!

Apr 21 2014

Night of Worship Tour

hey friends.

coming off an amazing Easter Season we are excited to spend 7 nights on tour worshipping Jesus with our great friends The Royal Royal and Jon Guerra.

Night of Worship Tour
St. Louis – May 1
Des Moines – May 2
Kansas City – May 3
NW Arkansas – May 4
Austin – May 5
Houston – May 6
Dallas – May 7

The Events are free, but you need a ticket. Get yours here. We will be taking a love offering to support the tour each night.

ALSO in many of these cities we will be doing a Worship Workshop. If you are a worship leader or in a worship band or part of your church’s worship services at all, we would love to have you there. Our friends from Loop Community will be joining the Vertical Church for this workshop. Register here.

Feb 09 2014

VCB Roadshow Update – Bossier City, LA

hey. Andi here – Last night on #Roadshow14 we were in Bossier City, Louisianna. It’s been a great run of 4 events and a great honor for us to be on the road with a big touring group of bands and crew. They are really legit people – friendly, fun and professional. Walking onto a stage every night in a room full of thousands of people is a great weight to carry. I don’t feel nervous but i do feel the same responsibility as i do at home, to lead the people to Jesus. We’re out on this tour because Vertical Church Band is about leading people to worship, to look up, to experience the manifest presence of God and whether in a room of 10 or 10,000 like last night, it’s the same task for us. A highlight for me has been hearing Pastor James’ voice boom out across each arena at the beginning of our set. It sets the tone so well for what we do and who we’re doing it for. People are responding well to the new songs and although for many, they are hearing them for maybe the first time, they quickly catch on and join in with us. Technically, the band has been playing great. We’ve had a guest guitarist on stage for us who works for the Third Day crew and we’re all locking in together. We’ve also been so blessed by the volunteers helping us out each night with our product table. Last but not least, when we get to meet people at the end of the night, that’s a huge highlight for me. We’ve met so many sweet people, encouraging us, wanting to know more about our music and our church. A lot of people have come to tell us they are playing our songs at their churches too – wow wow wow! Tonight is our last event – we’re in Lubbock, Texas… pray for us and for safe travel home to Chicago through monday too… cheers….

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