Feb 07 2013

Tip of the Day: Focus Moment

The other day I pulled out my iPhone 4 from the night stand next to my bed. It had been sitting there without being used since I switched providers about six months ago. I turned it back on to find a phone number I was looking for and I was shocked at what I saw. Yes, it was just the typical menu screen of iPhones with a generic background. But I could not believe how dated it looked! The screen wasn’t as crisp and the graphics looked lo-fi. It was crazy to think that this phone was less than two year old and yet seemed like ancient technology. We live in a fast-pace world. Information is more available now than it has ever been. And I have found that it can be difficult to slow down my brain and focus on one thing at a time. Just like Apple is already thinking of the iPhone 6 when they release the iPhone 5, my brain seems to be addicted to the “next” thing. The problem with this kind of thinking is that we miss out on what is right in front of us. Some times the pressures of tomorrow can steal our joy today. This is true about every worship service. If we don’t intentionally take a moment to slow things down and focus, we will miss out on what the Lord is doing. This is why I always try and say something short before each service with our worship team. Many times I will pray or ask someone to pray. Other times I’ll share a verse or something specific about the service we are about to play. I do all these things for the same reason – to focus. To focus our hearts on the Spirit. To focus our minds on the sole purpose of our gathering, His glory. To focus our strength towards the common goal of serving our Lord. There are many ways of focusing, but few come naturally. It requires effort. Next time before you jump on stage take a moment to focus on what you’re about to do.

“You keep him in perfect peace
whose mind is stayed on you,
because he trusts in you.”

-Isaiah 26:3

Band Director, Harvest Bible Chapel
Vertical Church Band member

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