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Life On The Roadshow- Omaha

January 27, 2014

Today the Roadshow lands us in Omaha. It is so exciting to know that hours from now the seats in the arena we are currently parked outside of will be filled with people and lives, each with their own story, their own struggles, their own hurts and needs, and we will have the opportunity to […]

Service Review: January 26-27, 2013

January 29, 2013

This weekend was all about adding some diversity to our worship “style”. There’s something incredible about whole-body, heart, soul, mind, and strength worship. And this weekend we took two seemingly different elements and blended them together: string ensembles + rap! What a joy it was to see the body of Christ fired up about worship […]

Weekend Review

October 09, 2012

This past weekend we had a special testimony video we call “God at Work”. This videos are normally shown in one segment, but this time we decided to break it up into 3 parts and interweave the song “You Alone Can Rescue” throughout. It was a very powerful way to interact with the story and […]

Weekend Review: July 1

July 02, 2012

Our Gospel choir was on stage this weekend. Here’s the set… opening special: To the King (ch x3, bridge x2) 1. Here for You 2. All hail the power of Jesus name w/chorus 3a. Your name (chorus) -Choir members read pre-chosen verses: Hebrews 2:9 But we see him who for a little while was made […]

Weekend Review

June 25, 2012

Weekend Review: June 23/24 (click on each song to find it on iTunes) 1. Holy is the Lord 2. Glorious 3a. Thank You, Jesus, for the cross Campus pastor leads time of communion. (In his set up he circles back to the v2 of ‘Thank You, Jesus, For the Cross’ and uses the text below) […]

Weekend Review

June 18, 2012

Weekend Review: June 16/17 (click on each song to find it on iTunes) 1. Holy (Lift up His Name) 2. Light Shine in (available July 31st on ‘Live Worship from Vertical Church’) 3. O the Love of My Redeemer Scripture Card handout: In the bulletin we had printed a separate handout of 5 unique scriptures: […]

Weekend Review

June 04, 2012

Weekend Review: June 2/3 (click on each song to find it on iTunes) Opening scripture reading // Call and Response Psalm 40:1 Worship Leader: I waited patiently for the LORD; he inclined to me and heard my cry. All: Let the whole Earth praise Him Psalm 18:39  For you equipped me with strength for the battle; […]

Weekend Review

May 28, 2012

Weekend Review: May 26/27 (click on each song to find it on iTunes) 1. Awesome King 2. Everlasting God 3. Always SPECIAL ELEMENT: TESTIMONIES Testimony is such a powerful element in our services. You would most often hear personal testimony in at a Baptism service or through a ‘God at Work’ video. Transitioning from the […]

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