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A Faithful Follower, First …

January 31, 2014

I am the newest member of the Harvest Bible Chapel Production Staff.  I have an unlikely passion for both pastoring people as well as live production. Those two passions have been equally exercised in the past 3.5 years as a full time student at Liberty University. I studied Pastoral Leadership while simultaneously mixing FOH 3-4 […]

The Impact of Touring

November 21, 2013

Recently I mixed for our VCB tour with Matt Maher and Meredith Andrews.  I’ve mixed in other churches before. It’s always an interesting but enjoyable experience. On this tour we wound up bringing all of our own back line gear, console, microphones, etc. The wild card each night was the house PA (the speakers in […]

Running Tracks

November 07, 2013

I’ve had a lot of people in the last month ask me about how I run tracks. Not so much “what a track is”, but more of the logistics of how I split out my channels and such. So here’s some info on how my set up looks for a weekend at church: I use […]

The Worship Drummer

July 03, 2013

We use the term “bus driver” when referring to our drummers. They are the key to having the right dynamics in any given service. If you band is rocking out at 100% and you drummer isn’t matching that, it will only come across as mixed-signals at best. Because of this, we spend a lot of […]

A Summer of Training

June 27, 2013

Summer- it’s that blissful 3 months, at least here in Chicago, where the weather is nice, kids are out of school, and fun is to be had.  But, it’s also the season where people go on vacation, their kids are in sports, and scheduling volunteers becomes quite an interesting house of cards to manage.  Despite […]

The True Mission of Production

June 10, 2013

I have the privilege of managing 7 church campuses.  All of them are very different in culture, building size, activities, and volunteer base.  Each facility has its own sound system, lighting system, and projection.  However the quality and quantity of gear differ.  For instance, we have one campus that holds over 2,000 people.  This campus […]

Be Faithful…

May 23, 2013

I have seen many worship leaders get discouraged by the fact that their musicians are not pro-level musicians. Worship leaders feel the weight of the gap between what the want to sound like and what they actually sound like. But what I have learned time and time again in my life is that God expects […]


May 16, 2013

Never before have I been so excited to be a part of a team.  This week alone, WE have executed 17 weekend services, led worship for hundreds of worship leaders, called pastors and men’s ministry leaders to action, all the while setting up, programming, and planning for the Vertical Church Band’s second recording in just […]

Mixing for Worship Services

April 25, 2013

I am blessed to be able to be apart of an amazing production team here at Harvest Bible Chapel. My main job is to mix the audio for our weekend services. There is a lot that goes into this job and a lot of different aspects that I truly enjoy about it. While for sure […]

Tip of the Week: The Band Director Mic

April 12, 2013

Many people in our congregation probably wonder why I am talking into a microphone on stage during worship. This is especially noticeable when I’m on camera and you see me talk but don’t hear anything out in the house. Well I’m going to let you in on a not-so-secret secret. I’m actually talking to that […]

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