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Life on the Roadshow- Ypsilanti

February 03, 2014

Someone asked me yesterday what my greatest memory of Roadshow was, and it’s a tough question because there are so many… One of my fondest memories will most certainly be working with some great people who volunteered their time to help us at our product table. I cannot say “Thank you” enough. They worked so […]


May 16, 2013

Never before have I been so excited to be a part of a team.  This week alone, WE have executed 17 weekend services, led worship for hundreds of worship leaders, called pastors and men’s ministry leaders to action, all the while setting up, programming, and planning for the Vertical Church Band’s second recording in just […]

Rehearsal Matters (Part 2)

July 06, 2012

Another thought on rehearsing… HAVE A PLAN If your band is getting distracted, it’s probably because they don’t sense a direction in the rehearsal. Nothing is more painful than a dull, passive rehearsal. Have a plan, keep track of time. When you bring the energy and direction your band will respond by playing better and […]

We like to have fun!

July 03, 2012

I like fun. You like fun. So why don’t we all just have some fun? Recently, we hosted a huge appreciation night for all of our production, vocal, and instrumental volunteers from all 7 of our campuses and it was a blast! I can’t quite recall the exact number of volunteers that were there, but […]

Rehearsal Matters (Part 1)

June 27, 2012

We’ve all experienced that moment in a worship service where you finish the 3rd song, know what the next song is, but realize you have no idea how to get there. How do we key change? Do we just kick in full throttle? What most people don’t realize is that this problem isn’t primarily because […]

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