Ministry Training

Each worship leader will be given a wide variety of ministry experience during their time in the program. These experiences will include:

  • Worship leading at various campuses at our 7 locations.
  • Small Group Leading
  • Disciple/Mentor – Youth/20’s/BSC
  • Ministry event planning/implementation
  • Children’s Worship // VCB Kids CD Project
  • College Worship
  • External/Community Care Event Worship
  • Jr. High & Sr. High Worship
  • School of Worship Program Development
  • Worship Production / Media
  • Assist with Harvest Gospel Choir
  • Vertical Church Band – Assist in Social Media / VCB Insiders / Web


Personal Development

A structured personal development track designed to help worship leaders grow in knowledge, character, skill and passion. The goal is for you to possess a deep knowledge of God’s word and understand the biblical foundations of worship. Worship leaders will partner with other departments such as the Admin Office, Children’s, Student, Production, Media and/or Vertical Church Band.

Development opportunities include:

“Classroom Setting” – Classes/Studies taken over the course of the program

  • Uncommon Leadership 101, 201 & 301
  • Philippians
  • 1&2 Timothy
  • Vertical Church
  • Biblical Soul Care

Mentoring – Assigned Mentor

  • Mentors will be department team members or team leaders
  • 1on1 weekly meeting with mentor
  • Accountability and feedback

Small Group – Must attend weekly small group/20s ministry group.

  • Weekly small group with people their age.

Personal Discipleship/Study/Devotional

  • Personal study time w/Lord
  • House study/1on1 study with mentor
  • Physical fitness gym offered to nourish and strengthen your body