Our band has written more than 100 songs this past year. As worship leaders, we have a high commitment to vertical, congregational songs. Many of our new songs will be featured on our live records and make their way into worship services. Most of them, however (even some of our best), do not fit this mission — so we’ve created a special way to share this great content with you. A series of EPs is being released featuring some of our own VCB worship leaders and the songs they’ve written.


Straight from us to you! Every time something cool is coming out, a link to your downloads page will land in your inbox.

To You.

By becoming a Vertical Church Band Insider you are helping us in three incredible ways:

  • You help fund the creation of music that would otherwise be difficult to make because it doesn’t fit into our corporate worship genre.
  • You help us generate momentum to get our music into churches around the world.
  • You give us permission to tailor some killer content towards VCB fans and not only the mass-market.

A lot of this music will never make its way to anyone other than the Vertical Church Band Insiders!

What You'll Get.

When you subscribe to become a Vertical Church Band Insider for $60, you’ll be given a password to our special downloads page — instantly accessing some great products. You will also be notified throughout the year when new music is available to download!

You’ll be able to download these materials:

  • VCB’s new studio EP
  • VCB’s first worship album + videos (mp3’s, concert video + studio sessions)
  • VCB’s B-Sides 1
  • Digital download of Harvest Bible Chapel’s Good Friday presentation 2013
  • Vertical Church Band Presents: Jon Guerra
  • Vertical Church Band Presents: Backstage
  • Vertical Church Band Presents: Tyler Miller
  • Vertical Church Band: The Rock Won't Move (Digital Download)
  • Worship Leader Bundle: VCB Album Chord Charts, Loops + Click Tracks
  • Live Album: The Rock Won’t Move (Mailed Hard Copy)
  • The Rock Won’t Move: B-sides
  • VCB Backstage Christmas
  • Vertical Church Band Presents: Andi Rozier
  • Vertical Church Band Presents: Friends of VCB EP
Mar 11 Digital Video Bundle
Apr 15 Vertical Church Band Presents: The Easter EP
Apr 29 Vertical Church Band Presents: Good Friday Service 2014
May 6 Vertical Church Band Presents: Jacob Sooter
Jun 3 Vertical Church Band Presents: Rainbow Rhythms