Jan 29 2013

Service Review: January 26-27, 2013

This weekend was all about adding some diversity to our worship “style”. There’s something incredible about whole-body, heart, soul, mind, and strength worship. And this weekend we took two seemingly different elements and blended them together: string ensembles + rap! What a joy it was to see the body of Christ fired up about worship in this eclectic + powerful worship set.

(Click on a song to view in iTunes)

1. Open up the Heavens (with rap)
**watch this video from a youth event – this is the exact arrangement / rap we did this weekend**
2. Blessed be Your Name
3. O, the Love of My Redeemer (VCB Song)

– Communion Set Up (Done by each Campus Pastor) –
This was a reading adapted from the “Valley of Vision” a book of Puritan Prayers

General set-up: “As we prepare to take from the Lord’s table let us heed the words of Paul in 1 Corinthians 12 and examine ourselves before we take of the bread and the cup.  As you meditate on what the Lord has done to forgive you, I’m going to read this prayer over you. Seek to humble yourself before the Lord so that he might reveal anything in your heart that does not honor Him”

O Lord Most High,
It becomes me to be low in your presence.
I am nothing compared to You;
I possess not the rank and power of angels,
but thou have made me what I am,
and placed me where I am;
I thank you that in the very beginning
of my endless being
I am capable by grace of improvement;
that I can bear Your image,
not by submissiveness, but by design,
and can work with You and advance your cause
and glory.

But the crown has fallen from my head:
   I have sinned;
   I am alien to you;
   my head is deceitful and wicked,
   my mind an enemy to your law.
Yet, in my lostness You have laid help
   through the Mighty One, Jesus Christ
   who comes between to put his hands on us both,
   to mediate and intercede
   whose blood is my peace,
   whose righteousness is my strength,
   whose condemnation is my freedom,
   whose Spirit is my power,
   whose heaven is my heritage.

Grant that I may feel more the strength
   of your grace
   in subduing the evil of my nature,
   in loosing me from the present evil world,
   in supporting me under the trials of life,
   in enabling me to abide with You in my valleys,
   in bringing to my conscience the void
   of offence before You and before men.

In the name of our Savior, Jesus Christ,

4. What Only You Can Do (New VCB Song)
5. Wonder of Wonders (New Meredith Andrews / VCB Song)

–Announcements / Offering–

6. Shadows (with rap)

A super fun weekend… love not being afraid to express different styles of worship back-to-back. Especially when the content is strong and the people are engaging with you. Have a blessed week!



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  • Barry WestmanJan.31.2013

    Hey there, I’d love to hear “O, The Love of My Redeemer”, but the link doesn’t seem to bring me to that song. Is that the right link?

    Barry Westman

  • Angie LaubachMay.07.2013

    Hi~Trying to use the link to “Open Up the Heavens” w/ the rap arrangement. The link is not working. Can you tell me how to find it on Youtube? Thanks so much.

  • DanSMay.07.2013

    Hi Angie – Here’s the video of Open Up The Heavens (with rap) on youtube. Hope that helps!



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