Jan 31 2013

The Importance of the “Run-Through”

If you’re at a church that has multiple services every weekend, you probably have experienced how the first service can be the “warm-up” service. The songs are rehearsed, but transitions aren’t smooth yet and you notice that you overlooked a pretty obvious missing part in your service. This is why at Harvest we do something we call a “run-through”. A run-through is something we do at the end of rehearsal. We leave enough time to run the whole service right up to the preaching. This means we don’t stop even if we mess up, and we play as if there were people there. We even have the announcements person come and give there announcements in the run-through. At first this can appear to be over-kill, but you will quickly realize how different something feels when you actually run the whole set. There have been many times where we can sense that our service has a stark turn or an abrupt transition that we didn’t see when we were just rehearsing the songs. This enables our worship leaders to get a feeling of what the service is going to be like. And the best part about this is that we still have a couple minutes after to change anything that didn’t work. Sometimes we are able to change the key of a song or even the order of the songs (though rare). Another benefit is that it gets us all on our toes and focused regardless of how rehearsal went. This not only applies to the band, but also our production team. They’re running camera’s, lyrics, sound, and any lighting cues we planned during run-through. This has been such a beneficial tool to get us all on the same page as to what we are going for in the service. We do all of this because we want every service to be earth-shattering, window-rattling, life-altering encounter with the living God. And our job in this is to do our best to provide and distraction-free opportunity to worship the Lord. Having a run-through helps us do this better and better.

Band Director, Harvest Bible Chapel

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